How would a world made of inspiring leaders be like?A world where there’s more than a payslip to your day job?

Imagine this is your workplace…
Imagine this is your work-life balance…

And only one word comes to mind: THRIVE.

At Generation Mindful®, we believe fulfilment and balance define your professional success, rather than constant busyness.
We believe that positive change is possible, from the most conservative industries to your own home.
Positive change starts with YOU.



Fiorenza presented an introductory session to staff on mindfulness to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week. The session was very well received by attendees who referred to it as insightful, informative and calming. Fiorenza’s straightforward approach explained how easy it is for all of us to practice mindfulness in our everyday lives whether at work or home. It is definitely a subject that we hope to build on in the future with our staff.

Kathryn McConnell, HR Director at Quintain

Fiorenza led a wonderful Mindfulness Workshop for our clients at our Barrecore Mayfair studio in celebration of International Women’s Day. We had such glowing reviews from everyone who attended the class who loved Fiorenza’s passion and energy. She is highly knowledgeable and delivered an informative workshop on practicing Mindfuness whilst taking the room though a guided meditation, giving our clients the opportunity to really connect to their mind and body.

Lotty Sommers, Retail and Community Manager for Barrecore